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Quantal is a growing company and focused internationalization, where its employees work hard to find innovative and high quality solutions to the needs and expectations of the customers.

Quantal aims to align the entire organization, focusing its employees and partners on common goals.
Thus, it is fundamental that each one understands its role in the search for excellence through a response of trust and quality to its clients.
In this way, the goal is to better know customers: understanding and anticipating their needs, reinforcing their relationship to the level of loyalty and maintaining the concern for innovation and quality.


Be a global team of qualified people who sustainably interconnect businesses, markets and customers.


Be the number one choice of our customers, employees and partners.


Customer Focus and Satisfaction
Recognition of talent, creativity and professionalism
Flexibility, Efficiency and Excellence
Innovation in technology, materials, products and services
Respect and concern for the environment
Culture, enthusiasm and business confidence